Lip Filler

Lip Filler

Lip enhancements are the most common and asked for treatments in clinic. As we age lips become more dehydrated and the lip volume reduces. Hyaluronic acid can be used to hydrate, enhance lip volume, improve proportions and improve lip shape and definition.  A thorough analysis of the lips will be performed to achieve optimal results and only premium dermal fillers which are natural are used to create soft, natural results.

Frequently Asked Questions


Your lips with be numbed with anaesthetic cream. Dr Mirali will inject a specifically chosen dermal filler using fine needles into the area requiring augmentation.

Duration & Longevity

The appointment takes around 45 mins

The results can be seen instantly and generally last around 6-12months.


Swelling post lip filler treatment varies significantly from person to person. Common side effects are tenderness/redness/bruising which tend to settle within a week. Deep tissue swelling can be felt as lumps/bumps which settles within 3-4 weeks. Detailed aftercare instructions will be provided

Common misconceptions

Patients worry about the ‘ducklip’ or ‘fake’ looking lips my results ensure a soft, subtle yet natural result with appropriate filler selection.

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