Face Mesotherapy

Face Mesotherapy

This is a cocktail of skin boosting vitamins, antioxidants and growth factors to hydrate, nourish and reverse the signs of premature ageing. The procedure is carried out by a series of microinjections using very fine needles; we create a bespoke serum which are tailored to your skin concerns. This gives faster acting results than at home skincare.

It is an ideal treatment for dull, dry, dehydrated sun damaged skin around the face, neck and décolletage. Noticeable differences from one treatment can include improvements in texture, tone and hydration of the skin, giving clients a luminous glow.


Frequently Asked Questions


We use a mesotherapy pen device to administer the treatment

This can be uncomfortable but we use numbing cream prior to the procedure

Duration & Longevity

Appointment can take around 45 mins including numbing time

3 sessions recommended 2-4 weeks apart for optimal results


Redness and inflamed skin can be expected, advised to be makeup free for 24hrs post treatment

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