Jawline dermal filler treatment can aim to improve contour and definition. It can be used alongside the prejowl area of the jawline to disguise the appearance of early jowl pads and is commonly combined with midface filler to aid full face rejuvenation.


Frequently Asked Questions


We use a fine tube called a cannula to deposit the filler. A fine introducer needle is used to minimise risk and reduce bruising/swelling and discomfort in these areas.

Duration & Longevity

The appointment takes around 45 mins

The results can be seen instantly and generally last around 9-12months.


Mild swelling/tenderness/redness and bruising are expected side effects which settle within few days. Detailed aftercare instructions will be provided.

Common misconceptions

A thorough consultation is required to ensure realistic expectations are met. Jawline treatment will not resolve double chin as these are caused by multiple factors including skin laxity/genetics/excess fat.

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