Bruxism / Jawline Slimming

Bruxism / Jawline Slimming

Teeth grinding also known as Bruxism; is caused by clenching of the teeth and is a common cause of dental complaints of jaw soreness and tension headaches. Many patients unknowingly grind their teeth/clench the jaw which can lead to the masseter muscles bulking up causing the lower half of our face to widen. Botox causes the muscles to relax which can relieve symptoms associated with jaw pain and muscle tension. A secondary desired aesthetic outcome of Botox masseter treatment can lead to a sculpting effect and less squaring of the jaw.


Frequently Asked Questions


The appointment duration is 30 mins. We use very fine needles to administer the Botox into the desired muscle area which are relatively painless and no numbing required.

Duration & Longevity

Optimum results will be experienced within two weeks following the treatment. Botox on average lasts around 3-4 months after which the muscles resume their normal activity.


There is no downtime needed and can return to normal activities. You may have small raised blebs on the skin but these settle within 30 mins. Common side effects are slight bruising, mild headache/tenderness in the injection sites but this is all temporary. Post treatment- stay upright for 4-6hours so that botox doesn’t migrate and no facials/massages for 2 weeks.

Common misconceptions

Clients often become concerned with botox and the ‘frozen’ look. I will adjust the dosing appropriate for the type of look the client wants.

Botox treatment is best done preventatively and the most people assume botox should be done when the lines are present at rest. It’s best to start earlier before the lines on the forehead become fixed at rest in order to maintain a smoother youthful appearing skin.

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